Red Ruin Submission Policy

Please submit everything: ideas, finished articles, long pieces, short pieces, sketches — everything from a series of sourcebooks to a half-formed idea you're struggling to articulate. If you haven't done this before, don't worry, it's new to us as well! We can provide feedback, work with you, and are much more likely to say "yes" than "no" — go ahead and send us something!

Shorter pieces, up to about 1,000 words, are likely to be suitable for the Casket of Fays, our A5 fanzine showcasing the Dragon Warriors RPG, but longer pieces will also be published by Red Ruin on DTRPG.

When submitting an idea, think "Will this be useful or inspiring for a Dragon Warriors player?" Purely aesthetic stuff is good, but we are also interested in playable stuff; and if it's something that hasn't been looked at in Dragon Warriors before, all the better.


If you're inspired by work done by another contributor to Dragon Warriors, we can likely put you in touch with that author so you can work together to ensure consistency with that original work. Similarly, if you're better with ideas than with a pen, we have a passionate community of people prepared to collaborate with you to breathe life into your project.

Style Guide

The Casket of Fays has a style guide that is still evolving as we go, but Red Ruin is not restricted to that guide or the A5 format for everything we publish — we love innovation and will work with you to showcase your work in the best format possible, whilst ensuring consistency and quality.


Your work is your work and whatever we publish under your name belongs to you. If it is successful, feel free to polish it, expand it, and publish it elsewhere (remembering the Serpent King Games Fan-Publication Policy). Just don't forget us when you're a rich and famous game designer!

Once published, however, there are no take-backs. If you think we didn't do your work justice, we can continue to work with you and update PDFs on DTRPG and publish supplementary articles in the Casket of Fays.


In accordance with the Serpent King Games Fan-Publication Policy, Red Ruin Publishing is non-profit, so payment for contributions will be limited to our gratitude, and that of the grateful Dragon Warriors gamers who always appreciate new content.

How to Submit

Just contact us or chat to us on Discord.